• 01.

    DID Management

    Direct Inward Dialing (DID) enables the outside caller to contact directly to desired extension without being attended or operated. The system attached to the PBX system is programmed in such a way that it can identify the call and route it to appropriate receiver. We have an expert team to provide you the DID Services according to your organizations needs and requirements.

  • 02.

    VOIP Switch

    VoIP switch or a soft-switch is actually based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) platform that is most appropriate for various business needs that may include, but not limited to, call waiting, three way calling, voicemails etc. We have teams of experts that can deploy VOIP Switch in your organization in affordable prices keeping the timing constraints upheld.

  • 03.


    Web Real Time Communication is free and an open source framework to that enables your browsers and mobile apps with RTC functionalities using the APIs, such as A&V (Audio and Video) components that are used for chatting in voice and video formats. The RTC components, when enabled in any supported browser can be accessed through JS (JavaScript) APIs. We have specialized teams to develop RTC app that best fits for your business and organization.

  • 04.


    Janus in the communication and Web World is very well known as WebRTC Server. As such it doesn’t provide any special functionality rather it provide means for setting up WebRTC media using JSON messaging that can relay RTP/RTCP and messaging among the supported browsers and server applications, with which the browsers are attached. The specific features are provided as plug-ins by the server that a browser can access using Janus and enable that functionality provided by the servers. We have expert teams for implementing the Janus WebRTC server for your organization within your time and budget constraints.

  • 05.


    When it comes to soft implementation of PBX system, Asterisk comes in our minds. Asterisk is an open source software implementation of PBX systems. We have trained and specialized teams to implement the Asterisk in your organization in an affordable prices.

  • 06.

    VOS 3000

    VOS3000 is VOIP Operation System and used for audio, data and multimedia services control, connection management, protocol adaptation, address resolution, routing, authentication, billing and so on. We have expert team that can integrate VOS3000 in your organization with economical charges.

  • 07.

    Cloud PBX

    Cloud PBX or the Hosted PBX, is a telephone exchange system that is developed, provided and maintained by a third-party services provider. This IP-Based telephony system is wholly operated and accessed through the Internet. We have expertise in designing and implementing Cloud PBX solution for your organization.

  • 08.

    CISCO Call Manager

    To manage your call sessions and to get secure and reliable solution for all of your voice and video calling Cisco UCM (Unified Communication Manager) is the best solution available in the market. We have adequate expertise to design, deploy and implement Cisco UCM solution for your organization within affordable prices and within time constraints.