Web based communication are now ubiquitous. Not only the business growth but the daily tasks are now impossible without such communication means. Web based communication can be cost effective and give you a better ROI for your business.We deal in different web based solutions such as

  • Call Center Solutions
  • Calling Card Solutions
  • PABX Solutions
  • IP Telephonic Solutions
  • IVR Solutions
  • Email Solutions
  • SMS Solutions


For a mid to enterprise level, Call Center Solutions can play a vital role for business growth. It can act as a back bone for your marketing campaigns, customer care and relationship management. It gives an interface to your customer to gain knowledge about your business and current offerings and thus spread the words about your business to granular level. There is variety of Call Center Solutions available in the market today, such as Inbound, Outbound, Hybrid/Blended, Virtual and Offshore to name a few. We can give you a comprehensive solution of any type that fits for your business needs.

  • Inbound Solutions helps companies to establish their Tech Support or catering incoming calls for responding to customer’s queries.
  • Outbound Solutions are for those companies who are in need of generating leads for their business, telemarketing for their products or they are conducting some research.
  • Blended/Hybrid Solutions are for both kinds of organization who wants to maintain their customer relations along with telemarketing and market research.
  • Virtual Solutions do not need a central location rather the call center agents can work from the comfort of their homes, thus enabling any organization to have a solution without investing much on call center setups.
  • Offshore Solutions are the outsourced call centers located outside the organization’s home country.


PABX Solutions are a dire need of a business that require a very close coordination among the internal staff yet getting access to external landline service as well. Having a single landline number connected with your PABX switch will enable your staff to not only communicate with each other in a hassle free manner but also to interact outside the organization with an utmost ease. We provide various PABX solutions of different sizes and capacity to fit-in your needs. Encompassing the legacy analog to current state of the art IP Telephones systems, we are capable enough to propose, design and implement an end to end PABX solution according to your business needs and requirements.

IVR Solutions

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Solutions establishes the interaction between humans and computers by the use of voice and Dual Tone-Multi Frequency (DTMF) input through the keypad of your telephone or a cell phone. A detailed and automated IVR solution can increase the productivity of an organization that is running their call center business by smartly placing the calls to right call agent thus providing a cost benefit to any organization. We can design an IVR that is relevant to your business. It can be customized by making the IVR system flow according to different factors such as name and the number of IVR options, your company voice promo, or if you want to greet your customer or even any music which you want to play while your customer is in the queue for being served. We can design all this by ensuring that the IVR scripts are aligned with your brand’s marketing campaign thus maintaining overall consistency with utmost professionalism.

  • IP Telephonic Solutions

    Still using the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)? Then you are ignoring a high speed, MMX (multimedia specification) enabled true IP telephony system solution that can save up to 90% of your telephone costs. All industry giants are now being leveraged by IP telephony solutions and making it as a de facto standard within their organization. You can use the Phone as a Service when you geared up with an IP Telephony System. Now with this service phone systems can be integrated with business applications, such as customer database, integrated emails and the SMS operations as well. This is cost effective as it uses data and bandwidth in an efficient manner. We, The ITZ-Solutions, provide you with best IP Telephony Solutions in affordable prices.

  • Calling Card Solutions

    Calling Card Solutions are meant to address a cheap yet a quality long distance communication. A caller can use his own mobile or a land line phone to make long distance call at the comfort of their premises. We provide a turnkey Calling Card Solutions for the existing companies and new startups who want to emerge as a VoIP Solution provider very quickly. Your customer can make low priced and high quality calls worldwide by dialing your local access number, interacting with your customized IVR in their local language. The services like DID management, voucher recharge, secure payment gateways can add a better experience for your customers.

  • Email Solutions

    In this era of cyber world, business can’t even think to nurture and grow rapidly without having an Enterprise level Email Solutions. Having your corporate identity in the form of your Email Address gives you and your business a boost and confidence while dealing with your customer and business partners. ITZ-Solutions provide a wide spectrum of Email Solutions to their customers. We have an expert team that can scale, propose, design and implement the Email Solutions according to your business needs and requirement. All this can be done in very affordable prices.

  • SMS Solutions

    Digital Marketing has now revolutionized by the addition of mobile technology in our everyday life. Reaching out your customer through SMS even when they are not connected to Packet Data Network can give you an edge over your competitors. SMS campaigns can be executed with lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and without incurring Opex in your budgets. We provide a comprehensive SMS solution to the organizations that needs to be heard and reach out their customer at a very granular level.