Security Operation Center (SOC)

Security Operation Centers are highly sophisticated work places equipped with state of the art Cyber Security Solution. These solutions are fully integrated with the deployed infrastructure in your organization to give a 360 degree view of any activity that occurs in the network. Covering various aspect of security monitoring, SOC is responsible to not only detect but also remediate any threat in early stages of threat life cycle. The detailed SOC solutions includes, but not limited to, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Solutions, Network Security Solutions (NGFW, WAF etc.), Antivirus/Anti Malware Solutions, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions to name a few. We have highly dedicated and expert resources, specialized in different areas of SOC solutions.

SIEM Solutions

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions are sophisticated Cyber Security Solutions empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to detect the advances cyber threats that can breach the CIA (Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability) of your network and databases. SIEM Solutions are well equipped with such advanced behavioral analytics algorithms that can even detect the 0-day attacks as well. These solutions have a vast integration bank with them so that almost every kind of IT System, from Network devices, well know databases solution to customized applications can be integrated with SIME solutions. This deployment approach will give a single glass of pane to monitor your network against the threat landscape. We can provide you the world’s best SIEM solutions with implementation and support services.

Antivirus Solutions

End point protection is incomplete without the implementation of a comprehensive Antivirus (AV) solutions. Antivirus solutions can rightly called as first line of defense at end user machines. A fully updated AV solution can identify any malicious activity at end user device and act accordingly to protect the system against that threat. We at ITZ-Solutions, have teams of experts that can help you out for a successful deployment and implementation of world’s leading Antivirus solution.

Malware Solutions

Anti-Malware solutions are the software that can detect the existence of malicious software within you IT systems. Now a days Anti Malware solutions are getting famous due to their advanced capability to detect behavior-based activities rather than the signature-based threats. Signature-based solutions have a knowledge base of well-known threats. Anti-Malware solutions are a step ahead and can find the threats that have not been broken-out before. ITZ Solution’s Specialized Cyber Security Teams are well versed in designing and implementing these kind of Cyber Security Solutions.

Firewall Solutions

Firewalls are the first line of defense against the network attacks. Firewalls have now become a “must-have” solution for mid to large enterprises. Firewalls can provide you the security on different layers of communication stack. Next Generation Firewalls are quite effective to protect from the physical to transport layer communication while Web Application Firewall can monitors and filters the HTTPs traffic intended to or originating from an application. These kind of firewalls can now detect some advanced threats to applications such as XSS (Cross Site Scripting), SQL Injections, URL Filtering, Content based filtering, to name a few. We can provide solutions and services for implementing firewall across your organization to strengthen your network security.

VPN Solutions

Virtual Private Networks utilize the internet yet gives a private and secure tunnel for communication between offices locations operating that are geo graphically apart from each other. VPN(s) are useful for the organizations where the employees are sitting permanently at remote locations or are working in field, yet require a secure way of communication with the head office or a central location. We provide some of the world’s leading VPN solutions currently available in the market. Our teams can design and implement appropriate solution according to your need and business constraints.

Security Compliance Solutions

Different businesses are bound to comply with international compliance or they need to fulfill local regulatory requirements to run their business. International standards like PCI-DSS, HIPPA and ISMS (ISO27001) are most widely implemented regulations across the globe. These provide the solutions and policies implementation within the organization to secure the IT systems that include the network devices, databases and the deployed applications in your infrastructure. We provide the technical consultancy services to assess and implementing security controls in your organization. We are also specialized in providing the VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-Testing) services. Our teams of experts can also help you out for providing guidance on today’s cyber security laws and regulations. We can also provide managed services on 24x7 basis for monitoring cross network entities in your organization.

IPS & IDS Solutions

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Solutions are network devices that correlates the incoming/outgoing packets against the databases of known cybersecurity threats footprints. These solution can mitigate or provide a complete safeguard against the cyber threats. ITZ Solutions can design and implement an IPS/IDS solution for your organization in accordance with your IT Governance and Security Policies.