Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a process to imitate an attack in a coordinated way with IT Security teams in your organization. A coordinated breach is of the application and network is carried out to check out the existing/hidden vulnerabilities within the digital boundary of your organization.

Our teams are equipped with adequate knowledge and tools to provide below services.

  • Application Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Security Testing

Security Analysis

Security analysis is done to get international compliance certifications like ISO27001, PCIDSS or HIPPA etc. or to comply with local regulating bodies. We have a specialized team to conduct security analysis to obtain such certifications.

Disaster recovery planning

Disaster Recovery is important for mission critical kind of systems. With proper DR setup the business continuity can be ensured to cater natural catastrophic condition like Earth Quake, Flood, and Fire Break out etc. We can plan your Disaster Recovery Setup covering all requirements of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) with minimum cost and time constraints.

Risk Management

Every business opportunity comes with some kind of risk associated with it. Risk Management deals with identifying every possible risk and the tools and techniques to mitigate the risk. Organizations need a proper Risk Management Framework that can help them identify, mitigate and transfer the risk. We are at ITZ-Solutions, are equipped with highly professional Risk Management Teams that can make Risk Management Framework for your organization keeping in view your organizational budget and timing constraints.